Here are some of the logos I've created for different purposes!


Anemoi Team

Anemoi is one of the new family of hash functions designed for Zero-Knowledge protocols and relying on the notion of CCZ-equivalence. The members of Anemoi team are: Pierre Briaud, Pyrros Chaidos, Léo Perrin, Robin Salen, Vesselin Velichkov, Danny Willems and myself.

Junior Seminar

The JS (Junior Seminar) is a monthly seminar allowing young researchers from Inria Paris to present their work to members of other teams.

STAP Workshop

STAP (Symmetric Techniques for Advanced Protocols) is a workshop aiming at bringing together users, designers and analysts of new symmetric primitives proposed for advanced protocols and defined over big fields. The first event has been organised by Léo Perrin as an affiliated event of Eurocrypt 2023.




ALJCC (Association Légendaire des Jeunes Coureurs de Cosmiq) is a team of Cosmiq members: Augustin, Léo, Jules, Clara and me that we've created for some sport challenges on Squadeasy. The competition has been proposed by Inria Paris from May to August 2021. We were 1st on May, June and August, and 2nd in July!

Paris Sportif Team

Paris Sportif is a team of Cosmiq, Willow and Sierra members that we've created for some sport challenges on Squadeasy. We've won this competition proposed by Inria in May 2023!